I bought your Shampoo over a month ago because it is all natural and I severe seborrhea. I see a Dermatologist for it and have had this problem for over 30 years now. I have been using a prescription medication which has burned my scalp and has given me hair loss that has made me cry. You see I had beautiful long straight hair down past my bottom and I loved it. But the hair loss made me decide to cut it and it broke my heart. I would not cut it short though. I have tried hundreds of shampoos in-between the prescription and none have worked using the prescription most of the time, Selenium Sulfide, or Ketoconazole and suffering with the itching that has driven me crazy. I am so into natural products. I even make my own deodorant with coconut oil. I found your shampoo and started using it, but I would let it sit in my scalp for a minute or so. Right now I have no itching and my hair loss is not much. I still have it but my sink does not fill up with it and I don’t have hands full of it any more. You have a good natural product, and I will keep on using it. I am ecstatic about finding this. Maybe it will not work for other people with my problem, but it sure is working for me. NO ITCHING, very little hair loss. Thank you so much. I’m very happy now.

– Linda C., via Email



I just wanted to thank you guys for providing such a great product! I have Celiac Disease, and an allergy to soy and dairy, and for 6 years now everything that I have bought and tried has given me a reaction. It has been nothing but a head ache trying to find products that don’t give me a reaction and aren’t over the top priced. I have been so excited since I found you guys! Once I received my box, I couldn’t wait to try everything I bought! Out of everything I think my favorite thing is the coconut sugar scrub! I really cannot express how grateful I am for your product and I will be a forever costumer! I have referred you to some other friends that have skin issues too and I think it works for them too! Your costumer service was just wonderful and so helpful! I really appreciate the email response I got back in such a timely manner! I just wanted to give you guys two thumbs up! I can finally take a shower and use lotion without getting hive, being extremely itchy, and/or having horrible head ache!

– Kimmi H., via Email



Just wanted to write in and say thank you for making such outstanding products. I started using your medium hold hair gel about two years ago, and haven’t strayed since. It doesn’t flake, it isn’t greasy, and it leaves my curly and frizzy hair, smooth and manageable. Thank you!

– Justin, via Email



Just wanted to say thank you for making the best lip balm on earth and how much I appreciate your wonderful customer service! Customer for life!!!

– Cherlyn, via Email



I just love your products! So far I’ve tried your bath salts and soaps and they are heavenly! Keep making great products! Thank you.

– Melanie E., via Email



Hi, I just wanted to share the benefits my son has experienced since using the Hugo Natural products. Ethan is a Type 1 diabetic which in turn makes his skin very dry. Since his diagnosis he has developed 2 forms of eczema and at times has had the back of both legs cracked open with sores.  It is very painful for him. We have spent hundreds of dollars on products claiming to heal eczema with no results. Since using the Hugo lotion Ethan hasn’t had any cracked open areas on his skin or broke out with eczema at all. His skin is baby soft and smells wonderful!  We are so very happy to have been introduced to these products via a friend.  What a huge impact this has had on our sweet boy! Thank you.

– Krista B., via Email



Today used your shampoo & conditioner (vanilla & sweet orange). So nice…gentle scent, conditioner seemed to actually moisturize my hair while not leaving it heavy or oily. Lovely products. I will look for your deodorant at the shop where I purchased these (Choices Market, Vancouver, BC). I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but my hair seems less frizzy—smooth and shiny. Thank you for a great product. I will recommend it to my friends.

– Alison, via email



After a long search—I was excited to find your lip balms are free of all my allergens—Gluten, Dairy and Soy. You have no idea how difficult it was to find this, literally nobody else is making a soy free lip balm. It’s also great that you highlight ingredients and allergens right there on your website product pages, a lot of companies still don’t do this. It inspires consumer confidence (I’m a Branding specialist, so I’m super aware of this kind of thing on packaging, online, etc).

– Katie, via Email



I like the vanilla & sweet orange shampoo very much. Kroger had a closeout sale and decided to purchase it, I am impressed with the natural non harsh ingredients and the pleasant scent it gives.

– Sherwood, via Email



Good morning! I have used your products for a long time now, and am thrilled with the re-packaging of your body lotions. The tube is so much more convenient, not only in my home but when I travel. Also the purity of your ingredients is a Godsend for someone who has many allergies. It is such a blessing to know I can use your products and not worry about skin rashes. Keep up the good work!!

– Nancy B., via Email



At the end of a long day yesterday and to celebrate my birthday (I’m very exciting I know), I decided to take a bath with your Vanilla Peppermint Holiday Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bomb. AND IT WAS THE BEST BATH BOMB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I pride myself in being a bath bomb connoisseur. The bath bomb took absolutely forever to melt down, and in fact my water was running on the colder side when it finally fizzed away. My husband thought I’d fallen asleep because I was in there so long. Even the water turned a great shade of festive pink. So THANK YOU for a great birthday present and for making such a phenomenal product!

– Stacy J., via email



Thank you very much [that] I could find a soy free product that is natural. It is not easy because soy is a cheap filler but also a major allergen. I am thankful and will continue with you as long as you make soy free products.

– L.D., via Email



The customer service I have received has been above and beyond. Your products are amazing.

– Cherlyn M., via Email



Your lip balm is hands down the best I have ever used. I don’t even mean for an “all natural” product. I mean it is the very best period. Thank you for this product.

– Niki G., via Facebook



Thank goodness for Hugo & Debra Naturals All Over Lotion. I am in my mid-50’s and, all my adult life, have been looking for a body and hand lotion that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or make it greasy or too waxy, but it is good for my skin. For my first bottle, I bought the “Nourishing Creamy Coconut” lotion. To say that I am thrilled that it works so well and that it also doesn’t have the “bad ingredients” is an understatement. Next, I am going to get the unscented version for my husband to use as he prefers an unscented product. I can’t wait to try it.

– Tricia I., via Facebook



So for a New Years Resolution, I’ve decided to share my love with those I love… well you’ve made the list! I love your lavender hand sanitizer. I mean lets get serious, you are hands down the best! It protects from germs, smells great and keeps my hands feel amazing..totally awesome! I have yet to try your hand soaps but let me tell ya I am on total mission looking for it. You guys are great! Keep up the great job! I wish you a Happy and successful New Year!

– Vera B., via Email