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Handcrafted Soap – Clove

Proudly made in the U.S.A. by Hugo Naturals.


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My search is over.

The bar of soap is unlike any I have ever used, in a fantastic way. The cloves are like a river of clove threading through the bar.. You can feel the upraised, real, cloves! I like this. I use cloves a lot in cooking and this is the real deal, no imitation. The photo is a bit of the bar I have been saving for approximately three years to try to figure out what brand it was and where to buy it. I purchased this bar November 2014 but did not save the wrapper so had no idea where to find it. I decided to save the last portion to "match" it, hopefully. Finally I did locate the brand of soap, hurrah! Thanks Hugo & Debra Naturals. It is a gentle, moisturizing bar that smells wonderful. As I mentioned, I like being able to feel the actual ridges of clove within the bar too. Well I was going to submit a photo but there is not an option here.

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