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Handcrafted Soap - Creamy Coconut

This isn’t just soap: It’s a luxurious, natural skin conditioner in a bar. Our hand-crafted blend of nourishing essential oils and pure botanical extracts leaves skin remarkably soft and supple. Revel in the rich, creamy lather and enticing scent of Creamy Coconut . Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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Great for the Face!

Dermatologists always say "Never wash your face with bar soap!", but Hugo & Debra bar soaps are different. This bar offers a delightful aromatherapy experience and a smooth, yet hydrated feeling on the skin. I've tired Hugo & Debra's body wash on my face, but it caused me to break out, so I only use the body wash for my body. Hugo & Debra products are truly suitable for "Head to Toe" use. So affordable too!

Misti in Seattle


Wonderfully smooth and creamy!

Delightful scent of fresh coconut... yum! The subtle colors flowing down through this soap were irresistible... I had to cut a bar in half to see what it looked like. smile And it cut so smoothly that I now have two very nice small bars for hand soap. smile Like all of your soap products, this one really lathers well! I have actually washed my hair with this a couple of times when I forgot my shampoo at the gym, rather than use the harsh gym shampoo provided. Usually not a good idea to wash my hair with a bar of soap (!!) but I was surprised, as my hair turned out very soft and manageable! Another great product from Hugo & Debra's!!

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