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Balancing Shampoo - Tea Tree & Lavender

Our Balancing Shampoo gives you beautiful, healthy hair, thanks to our natural blend of pure botanical extracts, Tea Tree oil and calming Lavender. We use gentle ingredients that effectively cleanse the hair and scalp and reduce flakiness without stripping away natural moisture. Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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  • For Dry, Flaky or Oily Scalp

Our Balancing Shampoo gives you beautiful, healthy hair with gorgeous body and shine. This all-natural Shampoo is specially crafted without harsh chemicals or sulfates, and it’s gluten-free and vegan. We blend together pure botanical extracts, nutrition-quality Vitamin E and and Tea Tree oil to gently clean and nourish the hair, balance the scalp and effectively reduce flakiness. We add natural Quinoa protein to give your hair fuller body and radiant shine. Pure French Lavender oil, used in aromatherapy for its stress-reducing properties, infuses a classic, herbal scent. Our 100% natural Balancing Shampoo will leave your hair as healthy as it is beautiful.

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No SLS, thank you

I couldn't believe how long I spent looking through ALL of the ingredients of shampoos sold at my Vitamin Cottage store and found over and over that they have chemicals I do NOT want when using a product on my body, including SLS. Finally, I came across Hugo and this Tea Tree & Lavender bottle. As a guy (with "sensitive" skin), I appreciate that the Lavender here balances out the sometimes too intense smells of what could be considered a "for men" scent found elsewhere. This shampoos smells just right and actually works too.




I was intrigued by Hugo's ever since I tried their all-over lotion and I wanted to see if any of their hair care was up to snuff. So I ordered a sample size of their shampoo (along with their conditioner) to see for myself. The shampoo was a little on the watery side but lathered up quick; this shampoo doesn't scrimp on lather and it doesn't take work to get your whole head covered unlike other natural or solid shampoos. The scent was pleasant, however it was less lavender and more musky/sweet. It's hard to describe. My hair is thin/fine and came away from this perfectly clean, shiny and non-oily.

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