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All Over Lotion - Shea Butter & Oatmeal

Our luxurious All Over Lotion leaves skin feeling deeply hydrated, delightfully healthy and deliciously scented. We blend all-natural essential oils, rich Shea Butter, healing Vitamin E, pure Aloe and natural Oat extract to soothe and nourish skin all day long. Safe, gentle and cruelty-free. Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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Our luxurious All Over Lotion blends nature’s finest moisturizers to leave skin feeling deeply hydrated, delightfully healthy and deliciously scented. We begin with generous amounts of 100% natural emollient Olive and light Jojoba oils, plus rich Shea Butter to create a marvelously creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and provides lasting hydration without leaving a greasy feel. We add natural Vitamin E and pure Aloe Vera to smooth, nourish and revitalize skin from head to toe. Natural Colloidal Oatmeal extract is proven to heal and condition the complexion. Our All Over Lotion is always cruelty-free, and is safe and gentle enough for daily use on both face and body.

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Misti in Seattle


The real thing!!

Thick, smooth and creamy, this is a wonderful product and really soothes and softens my skin. For me, smell is very important because I can use almost no scented products but with your use of all natural ingredients that is not a problem! I love the scent of this one!!! Like all of your products, it is not overpowering. And I really like knowing that I can safely use this without adding a bunch of chemicals and other harmful substances to my body!




A tad thicker than typical body lotions, this is great for moisturizing your skin. It takes some effort to massage it in fully but once it has your skin feels enveloped in a lovely mild scent. A little goes a long way too! The only thing I would check or change is the pump; on my first bottle the pump broke! Luckily I had a spare one from an old bottle of another brand of lotion. Just a thought.

Trenton Wozniak


Vibrant Skin!

This lotion is superb for daily use on the face! It offers intense moisture for the skin and actually calms and soothes any irritation that one may develop from the elements. Pair it together with the shower gel and you shall have a complete facial care regimen. Don't forget to use a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or greater, during the day!

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