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All Over Lotion - Vanilla & Sweet Orange

Treat your skin to long-lasting hydration with our All Over Lotion. Our hand-crafted blend includes nature’s finest moisturizers: pure essential oils, rich Shea Butter, healing Vitamin E and Aloe. Natural botanical extracts infuse a delicious fragrance. Safe, gentle and cruelty-free. Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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Treat your skin to long-lasting hydration and sweet-smelling fragrance with our All Over Lotion. Our hand-crafted blend includes nature’s finest moisturizers: We begin with generous amounts of 100% natural emollient Olive and light Jojoba oils, plus rich Shea Butter to create a marvelously creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and provides lasting hydration without leaving a greasy feel. We add natural Vitamin E and pure Aloe Vera to smooth, nourish and revitalize skin from head to toe. We’ve created a delightful fragrance pairing of all-natural Vanilla extract for a rich, comforting scent, plus fruity Sweet Orange oil, used in aromatherapy to brighten mood and reduce stress. Our All Over Lotion is always cruelty-free, and is safe and gentle enough for daily use on both face and body.

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Misti in Seattle


May I Please Give it TEN Stars???

This is the most wonderful lotion ever! I am allergic to almost all scented products so can never get anything nice and "pretty" smelling. But tried a sampler of this in my local market and was sold! Smells like a Creamsicle! You can really tell the smells are natural vanilla and orange rather than fake chemicals and junk. Sooooo soothing that I end up smearing it all over me. I am healing from recent surgery and I especially love the cooling, soothing feel of this lotion on my surgical scars. Hugo & Debra, you've got yourself a customer!!!



Feels good, smells like a popsicle!

If you like the smell of Orange push-up pops, this is the one for you. The feel of the lotion is fabulous but the scent makes me think of baby aspirin.



vanilla/sweet orange all-over lotion

Absolutely lovely. It has a wonderful scent; not at all over powering. I keep it at my kitchen sink and use it only for my hands. This lotion really helps keep my hands soft and hydrated, especially around my nails. The drying winter weather and low humidity usually make my fingertips crack. That hasn't been a problem since I started using your product.

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