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Essential Mist - Vanilla & Sweet Orange

Our harmonic blend of purified water, pure botanical extracts and pure essential oils refreshes with a splash of comforting scent that will brighten mood and reduce stress. Pure essential oils lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother. Also fantastic as a facial toner, hair refresher, and linen or room spray! Non-staining. Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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No Scent...Like Water

I'm going to have to contact the company about this one. This is my first time purchasing the Essential Mist. I couldn't wait to get it. I imagined that the blending of Vanilla and Orange would be a divine scent that I couldn't stop spraying, but imagine is all I will be able to do, because the bottle I received has almost no scent at all. It's like someone poured out the contents and refilled the bottle with water, so that there is only the vaguest, and I DO mean VAGUE hint of aroma. I tried shaking the bottle, spraying tons of it, and still no scent. Spray it into the air, it smells like nothing. Spray it on my skin, no smell. Snort the opening of the bottle, only a hint of a smell. I have an unusually keen sense of smell, so this is a huge disappointment to me. How can they sell this and claim it to be a scent?



Great Product

I received a sample of this at the No More Homeless Pets Conference and love it. I have severe allergies to most products with strong chemical fragrance and this is so soft and natural it does not give me a migraine but still freshens my home and leaves a clean aroma. I will buy more of this.

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