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Smoothing & Defining Conditioner - Creamy Coconut

Why subject your hair to harsh chemicals, sulfates or petroleum products? Our natural Smoothing Conditioner is expertly formulated with the finest-quality essential oils, botanical extracts and natural proteins to give your hair gorgeous fullness and shine. Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals


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  • For Curly or Frizzy Hair

Our natural Smoothing & Defining Conditioner is expertly formulated to provide hydration that penetrates deeply to increase hair’s body and volume. This all-natural Conditioner is specially crafted without harsh chemicals, petroleum products or sulfates, and it’s gluten-free and vegan. We blend the highest-quality botanical fruit and flower extracts with pure essential oils, including Coconut and Sweet Orange, that provide deeply nourishing moisture. Natural Marshmallow extract and Rice protein effectively increase hair’s volume to create luxuriously full body and add silky shine. We also add Coconut extract for a rich and enticing fragrance. Our natural Smoothing & Defining Conditioner will leave hair manageable, healthy and beautiful.

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Oh coconut <3

I wrote a review on the shampoo, and commented briefly on the conditioner in it but would like to elaborate further. This conditioner is amazing. I really like the shampoo but what is a shampoo without its conditioner? The coconut smell is amazing. I have always loved the smell of coconuts but normally products make it smell to sweet this is much more subtle and heavenly. This conditioner made my hair so smooth after I could not believe it.



Great Conditioner

Finding natural and safe hair products that actually work is so hard and I am so lucky to have found Hugo products. This conditioner is great. Like the my review on the coconut shampoo, I gave it 4 stars only because of the weird smell. Next time I will try another smell. But I would rather have a safe, natural product with a weird smell than a great smelling harmful product!



I've been looking for a safe, natural conditioner for a long time now that actually works, doesn't have too many ingredients, and that doesn't have any toxic ingredients hiding along the natural ones. Also, I am intolerant to cow's dairy and gluten and it has been hard finding a natural conditioner that doesn't contain wheat germ oil or milk protein. I also chose to purchase this one because it does not contain soy! This is the best I have found so far and it actually works pretty good! I have curly hair and it defines my curls well and makes my hair silky. Wish it was available in bigger sizes though.

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