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Artisan Soap - Indonesian Patchouli & Vanilla

Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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where have you been...

finally someone gets it right, for us earthy girls of the dusky race...patchouli-vanilla.. musky, exotic...i purchased a bar on Friday, purchased another bar on Saturday, then asked my sweetie to rush over and purchase some more on Monday... its down right scent-uous... lathers up really nice, leave a pleasant scent. I think I am going to try it on my locs.... I can't wait.. where have you been... if you could sell it by the single pound..

Deb H


Luscious, sensuous

I was given the Patchouli & Vanilla Artisan soap as part of an amazing Christmas basket from my sister. The Patchouli brings me back to a carefree and wonderful time in my life. I am loving this soap after just one use. So much so that I'm online searching for more already. It leaves your skin buttery soft with a lovely delicate scent that is irresistible. The nearest retailer is 50 miles away, so I may have to remedy that. You won't be disappointed!

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