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Artisan Soap - Shea Butter & Vanilla

Proudly made in the USA by Hugo Naturals.


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Misti in Seattle


Delightful scent... and so pretty!

I was happy to find a huge display of your artisan soaps, cut into "bars" and sold by the ounce... at my PCC Natural Markets store. This one is absolutely beautiful, with all the lovely colors swirling through it, and it smells so good it is indescribable! Normally something this lovely would be out of my budget but, like all of your products, it is very affordable so I can have the very best. I am also impressed with how creamy and smooth this is and, like all of your soap products, lathers so well. I brushed my teeth with this one. Thank you for such a special product.

Robert M.


My wife and I have been buying your luscious soaps here in New York City at a Whole Foods Market that has them displayed nicely in their personal pampering wing. The Shea Butter & Vanilla scented soap is the greatest smelling stuff on the planet. I'm a soap connoisseur and frankly yours are like soft ivory, just really the most perfect soap ever! We truly love your products. Thanks!!

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