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I like the vanilla & sweet orange shampoo very much. Kroger had a closeout sale and decided to purchase it, I am impressed with the natural non harsh ingredients and the pleasant scent it gives.

– Sherwood, via email

Good morning! I have used your products for a long time now, and am thrilled with the re-packaging of your body lotions. The tube is so much more convenient, not only in my home but when I travel.
Also the purity of your ingredients is a Godsend for someone who has many allergies. It is such a blessing to know I can use your products and not worry about skin rashes.
Keep up the good work!!

– Nancy B, via Email

At the end of a long day yesterday and to celebrate my birthday (I’m very exciting I know), I decided to take a bath with your Vanilla Peppermint Holiday Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bomb. AND IT WAS THE BEST BATH BOMB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pride myself in being a bath bomb connoisseur. The bath bomb took absolutely forever to melt down, and in fact my water was running on the colder side when it finally fizzed away. My husband thought I’d fallen asleep because I was in there so long. Even the water turned a great shade of festive pink. So THANK YOU for a great birthday present and for making such a phenomenal product!

– Stacy J, via email

Thank you very much [that] I could find a soy free product that is natural. It is not easy because soy is a cheap filler but also a major allergen. I am thankful and will continue with you as long as you make soy free products.

– L.D., via Email

The customer service I have received has been above and beyond. Your products are amazing.

– Cherlyn M, via Email

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