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I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how impressed I am with the
quality of your retail products, specifically your nail polish. I am a coach
for a program called Girls on the Run. The seventeen girls meet Tuesdays and
Thursdays during the 10-week program, participating in interactive lessons
and running games to help prepare them physically and mentally for our 5k
race at the end of the season. These 3rd through 5th graders have a great
time during the lessons and it helps a great deal having quality products
they can rely on while running. Your products play a major role in that. It
is wonderful to be able to use your products as lap counters- when the girls
run a lap they get one of their fingernails painted until all ten fingers
have been painted. Keep up the great work! It is greatly appreciated!

– Sarah F. - via email

I am addicted to the bath bombs. Long lasting and smell incredible. Oh and your skin will be the softest of your life.

– Brandi A. - via Facebook

I bought your Shampoo over a month ago because it is all natural and I severe seborrhea. I see a Dermatologist for it and have had this problem for over 30 years now. I have been using a prescription medication which has burned my scalp and has given me hair loss that has made me cry. You see I had beautiful long straight hair down past my bottom and I loved it. But the hair loss made me decide to cut it and it broke my heart. I would not cut it short though.
I have tried hundreds of shampoos in-between the prescription and none have worked using the prescription most of the time, Selenium Sulfide, or Ketoconazole and suffering with the itching that has driven me crazy. I am so into natural products. I even make my own deodorant with coconut oil. I found your shampoo and started using it, but I would let it sit in my scalp for a minute or so. Right now I have no itching and my hair loss is not much. I still have it but my sink does not fill up with it and I don’t have hands full of it any more. You have a good natural product, and I will keep on using it. I am ecstatic about finding this. Maybe it will not work for other people with my problem, but it sure is working for me. NO ITCHING, very little hair loss.
Thank you so much. I’m very happy now.

– Linda C, via email

I just wanted to thank you guys for providing such a great product! I have Celiac Disease, and an allergy to soy and dairy, and for 6 years now everything that I have bought and tried has given me a reaction. It has been nothing but a head ache trying to find products that don’t give me a reaction and aren’t over the top priced. I have been so excited since I found you guys! Once I received my box, I couldn’t wait to try everything I bought! Out of everything I think my favorite thing is the coconut sugar scrub! I really cannot express how grateful I am for your product and I will be a forever costumer! I have referred you to some other friends that have skin issues too and I think it works for them too! Your costumer service was just wonderful and so helpful! I really appreciate the email response I got back in such a timely manner! I just wanted to give you guys two thumbs up! I can finally take a shower and use lotion without getting hive, being extremely itchy, and/or having horrible head ache!

– Kimmi H.– via Email

Just wanted to write in and say thank you for making such outstanding products. I started using your medium hold hair gel about two years ago, and haven’t strayed since. It doesn’t flake, it isn’t greasy, and it leaves my curly and frizzy hair, smooth and manageable. Thank you!

– Justin, via email

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