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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does your Cruelty-free certification mean?

    Our company is certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny which is a program run by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). Products bearing the Leaping Bunny symbol are certified “cruelty-free” under the internationally recognized Humane Cosmetics or Humane Household Products Standards. These rigorous standards stipulate that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished products or ingredients in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date.

    As a result, our cruelty-free certification means that we, as a company are bound to never test the final products on animals, nor use ingredients that have been tested on animals. We require all our suppliers to certify that the ingredients/raw materials they provide to us have not been tested on animals and we have a very strict policy with regards to that.

    We also do not sell our products in China or other countries that require imported personal care products be tested on animals. We refuse to sell to those markets until their laws on animal testing change. We are happy and proud to stand by our position, as our belief in cruelty-free products (and a cruelty-free world) is one of our core values.

  2. My shampoo looks cloudy. Why?

    Because we only use natural ingredients, our products are more likely to experience color and transparency variations. This is normal, as these ingredients are not identical in nature and we do not use synthetic processes to normalize them. However, in those situations where cloudiness may occur due to exposure to low temperatures, bringing the product to room temperature and shaking it will generally restore the liquid to its initial clear state.

  3. Do you offer bulk/refillable sizes?

    We are researching the refillable packaging for our products, however we do not offer them currently.  It’s a great suggestion.  At Hugo Naturals we are very aware of using renewable resources, reducing consumption and restoring our planet.

  4. Which of your products are gluten-free? Soy-free?

    The only products that contain oats in our entire line are the Shea Butter & Oatmeal Bar Soap and the Oatmeal Mint Artisan-Bulk Soap.  Both of these products have whole oats on the top surface that have been tested and certified gluten free.  If your allergies are with wheat, the oats have not been cross contaminated.  If you choose to incorporate oats, our soaps would be a good choice.  The rest of our entire product line is soy, oat and gluten-free, as well as vegan.  As a matter of fact, we are certified by the Celiac Sprue Association, or CSA, which is the largest celiac support organization in the United States.

  5. What Shampoo & Conditioner would you recommend for my hair type?

    For Oily, flaky and dry scalps:
    Our new formulation of Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner (Tea Tree & Lavender) is designed to benefit oily, flaky and dry scalps. 
    For extra volume:
    Our Vanilla & Sweet Orange Shampoo & Conditioner (Volumizing) is now designed to benefit all hair types by adding volume. 
    For color treated hair:
    Our Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner uses Geranium to help keep a healthy sheen and balance without stripping your color treated hair. 
    For dry hair:
    Our Moisturizing & Restoring Shampoo & Conditioner (Red Tea & Ylang Ylang) is specially formulated to moisturize dry hair. 
    For curly or frizzy hair:
    And our Smoothing & Defining Shampoo & Conditioner (Coconut) choice is designed especially to benefit naturally curly or frizzy hair.

  6. I live outside the United States and Canada. Can I still purchase your products online?

    We sell our products to international patrons at these online stores:,,,,

  7. Do you offer samples? I hate to pay full price to try something new.

    We sell 2 ounce travel sizes in our popular Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent: Volumizing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner,  All Over Lotion, Shower Gel, Essential Mist, and Lip Balm;  as well as our great French Lavender scent:  Balancing Shampoo (Tea Tree & Lavender), Balancing Conditioner (Tea Tree & Lavender), All Over Lotion, Shower Gel, Essential Mist, and Pineapple & Coconut Lip Balm and our amazing Organic Hand Sanitizer. For details, visit our Trial & Travel section.

  8. Where can I find your products locally?

    Search for a store near you in our Find a Retailer section.

  9. I received this piece of soap as a gift and I love it, what’s the name/scent of it?

    Check out our Artisan Products pages for a complete list of all our soaps, salts and scents.

  10. How do you prevent your products from spoiling? Do you use preservatives?

    One strategy we employ is reducing the amount of water contained in our products. The water content of a product is a major factor in spoilage. Due to the low water content we are able to use all-natural preservatives such as Japanese Honeysuckle extract and rosemary extract. Many of our other ingredients have preservative properties as well. Essentially, we give you more for your money and in the process eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives.

  11. How do you scent your products?

    The natural way!  We use only 100% natural essential oils and botanical extracts. We do not use water or alcohols in our extracts, but instead use kosher vegetable glycerin as a base.

  12. Do you only use natural colors?

    Yes. We quite literally searched the world looking for natural ingredients with colorful properties. We have discovered that we can use natural colorings from seeds, pulp, algae, chlorophyll, and other completely natural ingredients to produce vibrant colors without the potentially harmful side-effects of artificial ingredients.